Wisdom KL12M ATEX M1 LED Miners Cap Lamp

Rechargeable ATEX M1 mining certified & approved LED / lithium ion helmet mounted lamp.

ATEX M1 Mining Certified & Approved Wisdom KL12M Cap Lamp - 28,000 Lux / 512 Lumens / 13 Hour Run-Time

The Wisdom range of corded miners lamps are designed to withstand the hardships of commercial mining, quarrying and confined space working. The lamps are built to a very high standard, and provide an unrivalled combination of performance and affordability.

The KL12M ATEX M1 lamp will run on full power for 13 hours on a single charge, and can be charged using the Wisdom NWB-25A LiIon 'keyway' smart chargers; or, for larger scale installations, on Wisdom rack chargers.

The KL12M ATEX M1 lamp uses a genuine Cree LED and genuine Panasonic LiIon rechargeable batteries. It provides both an excellent beam - capable of illuminating objects 335m distant - and a good spread of light allowing you to see foreground and distance. The lamp weighs just 525g and is IP68 rated - totally dust tight, protected against prolonged effects of immersion under pressure.

ATEX M1 certified for use in hazardous/explosive mining environments and confined spaces. ATEX M1: I M1 ia op is I Ma EN 60079-35-1 / IECEx: Ex ia op is I Ma IEC 60079-35-1.

The KL12M ATEX M1 lamp is a fantastic working lamp at a very affordable price.
SKU: KL12M-03-M1
Manufacturer: Wisdom
£189.00 incl VAT
  • Main light output: 28,000 Lux / 512 lumens
  • Main light beam: 335m
  • Main light power: 3.24W
  • Auxiliary light power: 0.4W
  • Working time (full power): 13 hours
  • Weight: 525g
  • Battery type: Panasonic 18650
  • Battery capacity: 14.0Ah
  • Charge cycles: Up to 1,200
  • Cable length: 1.4m (1.65m available on special order)
  • Construction: quality durable plastics, matt finish, fire-resistant, shatter-proof, tough cable
  • Usability: ergonomic design, charge level indicator with low-battery visual warning

The Wisdom KL12M ATEX M1 has a standard specification that includes a 1.4m cable but can be ordered with a longer cable if required.

Please use the Contact Us tab to enquire about a non-standard lamp, please note that non-standard lamps are subject to a minimum order quantity.

Cable Length
Extra-long: 1.65m

  • ATEX M1: I M1 ia op is I Ma EN 60079-35-1
  • IECEx: Ex ia op is I Ma IEC 60079-35-1
  • IP68 - totally dust tight, protected against prolonged effects of immersion under pressure
  • NWB-20: Not suitable
  • Standard charge rack: Not suitable
  • NWB-25A / Fast intelligent charge rack: 6.5 hours
Products specifications
Lamp format Corded (external battery pack)
Power supply Lithium Ion (LiIon) battery 3.7 V / 13.6 Ah
Light modes 2 - Main and Auxiliary (Emergency)
Main LED duration 13 hours
Auxiliary LED duration -
Intense (boost) LED duration -
Main LED output (brightness) 28,000 lux at 1m (512 lumens)
Auxiliary LED output (brightness) -
Intense (boost) LED output (brightness) -
Charging time (recommended charger) 6.5 hours
Charging cycles 1,200 cycles (in good working conditions)
Cable length 140cm (165cm by special order)
Total weight 525g
ATEX certification I M1 ia op is I Ma EN 60079-35-1 / Ex ia op is I Ma IEC 60079-35-1
Other certified standards -
IP rating IP68
Working temperature -
Warranty 2 years (warranty terms of Wisdom)