Oldham Twin Lamp Charger - Li-ion (L16 / L9)

Twin lamp charger designed for Oldham li-ion mining lamp batteries.

Warning: damage will occur if the incorrect charging profile is used on a specific battery technology.

Previous product code: M655601
SKU: 204001
Manufacturer: Oldham
£450.00 incl VAT
Product Files
  • Supply voltage: 230V or 115V AC single phase 50/60 Hz
  • Width: 260mm
  • Depth: 100mm
  • Height: 120mm
  • Weight: 2.95Kg

The charging sequence is illustrated by coloured indicator lights as follows:

  • Stage 1 - Lamp Charging – Red indication
  • Stage 2 - Lamp 75% charged – Red and Green indication
  • Stage 3 - Lamp fully recharged - Green indication
  • Stage 4 - Lamp battery fully charged – in 'sleep' mode, Green indication with 0.1 second Red flash every 5 seconds
Products specifications
Lamp capacity 2
Suitability Oldham DL9, DL16, AE9, AE16 Lamps
Type Fast Smart (Intelligent) Charger
Supply voltage 230V or 115V AC single phase 50/60Hz
Power -
Output voltage -
Output current -
Width 260mm
Depth 100mm
Height 120mm
Weight 2.95Kg