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Oldham DL16HL - LED Li-ion Safety Handlamp

ATEX M2 Certified mining handlamp / torch.

Oldham handlamps/torches are used the world over in the mining industry, the petrochemical industry, for sewer inspection, tunnelling and construction and a wide variety of other uses where safety and reliability considerations must be met.

The Oldham DL16HL handlamp combines the reliability and rugged construction Oldham are renowned for with the latest LED and lithium-ion (li-ion) technologies to produce a brighter, longer lasting and smaller/lighter lamp.

Oldham D-Type LED handlamps feature a 2-part reflector specifically designed by Oldham to produce a similar beam pattern to the industry standard Oldham G-Type lamp headpiece.

Note: this product is now obsolete. Please see the Related Products section (below) for the closest match from our current range. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
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