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MineARC Systems

MineARC Systems is the global leader in controlled environments and safety technologies for the underground mining, tunnelling, chemical processing, disaster relief and biotechnology industries. As well as their refuge chambers, safe havens and disaster shelters, MineARC manufacture a range of monitoring, tracking and communications products, and a range of cap lamps including the SiriUS LUX, the most advanced miners' cap lamp in the world.

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MineARC SiriUS LUX Miners Cap Lamp

The MineARC SiriUS LUX - a new generation of miners cap lamp is here...

Introducing the new MineARC SiriUS LUX, probably the most advanced miners cap lamp available.

In underground mining operations personal are dependent on clear visibility to operate safely, and as technology changes so too do the demands placed on equipment. MineARC have listened to this feedback and the SiriUS LUX aims to address the key areas of light output and duration, user comfort and safety, tracking, and total cost of ownership.

Key features of the SiriUS LUX include:

  • A modular design allows for quick and easy connection/disconnection of the battery - allowing a single lamp head to be shared between shifts reducing the outlay for sites that operate multiple shifts
  • An extending 'curly cord', increasing comfort for the wearer as well as increasing safety by preventing the cable snagging
  • Multiple light beam patterns, from flood to spot, and a super-bright boost mode for short-term intense illumination
  • A very high CRI (colour rendering index) of over 90 - resulting in increased comfort for the user, and making it easier to detect subtle changes in colour, for example in the geology
  • Adaptive lighting - the lamp will automatically dim in ambient lighting (extending battery life), in direct light to minimise the risk of dazzling co-workers, and when angled to the ground to minimise glare for the user
  • An emergency mode to attract attention
  • Sophisticated battery management and clear visual battery status indicator
  • RFID tracking chip included (13.56MHz. ISO 15693 & ISO 18000-3) with option on real time tracking
The MineARC SiriUS LUX represents a significant advance in personal lighting for underground mining operations.
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MineARC HeliOS Corded Miners Cap Lamp

A rugged, bright, no-nonsense rechargeable LED miners lamp.

The MineARC HeliOS corded miners lamp offers high performance light output in a rugged, durable, compact and lightweight format.

Deliberately designed as a no-nonsense lamp with simple operation, the HeliOS corded lamp is ideally suited to underground mining and a wide range of industrial applications where bright, full shift illumination is required. Designed and engineered for durability the HeliOS corded lamp will require minimal maintenance over its operational lifetime.

The lamp provides 4,620cd on high beam (with a 83cd auxiliary / low beam mode), runs on full power for 14 hours, has an IP68 rated dust and water resistant housing, and weighs only 500g.

HeliOS corded lamps are compatible with MineARC HyperION charger racks, available for 12 to 60 lamps.
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MineARC HyperION Corded Miners Cap Lamp

MineARC's mid-range rechargeable corded LED miners lamp.

MineARC's HyperION corded miners lamp is designed specifically to withstand the rigours of underground mining, and this robust construction and high performance also makes it suitable for use in a wide range of other industrial applications.

Engineered to provide the highest quality, durability and performance, the HyperION corded miners lamp features a robust IP68 rated anti-static housing and provides bright light with a high definition field of vision for 16 hours, easily sufficient for a working shift.

Easy to use, lightweight and comfortable to wear, and low maintenance, the HyperION corded lamp is an ideal lamp for mining operations where ATEX provision is not required.

The HyperION corded lamp is compatible with MineARC HyperION charger racks, available for 12 to 60 lamps.
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MineARC HyperION Cordless Miners Cap Lamp

Lightweight, modern, rechargeable cordless LED miners lamp.

The MineARC HyperION cordless miners lamp is designed to match the power and durability of the HyperION corded lamp in a lighter, more compact format.

Engineered specifically to withstand the rigours of underground mining, this robust construction, low maintenance overhead and high performance also makes it suitable for use in a wide range of other industrial applications.

With a no-fuss click-and-go design the HyperION cordless lamp provides 14 hours of bright uninterrupted light, easily sufficient for a working shift.

Extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, the HyperION cordless lamp is IP67 rated against water and dust ingress and features an innovative back-lit display screen with battery life indication, providing clear warning when the battery requires recharging.

The HyperION cordless lamp charges via a USB connection, or with MineARC HyperION charger racks (12 to 60 lamps) via USB cable.
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MineARC CL-CRS Rack Chargers for HyperION & HeliOS (Corded & Cordless) Lamps

MineARC Systems HyperION charger racks have been designed specifically to complement the MineARC HyperION cap lamp range, and are also compatible with MineARC HeliOS lamps.

HyperION charger racks are available single or double-sided, with each row accepting six lamps; available configurations are:

  • CL-CRS-12: Single sided, 2 rows - 12 lamp capacity
  • CL-CRS-18: Single sided, 3 rows - 18 lamp capacity
  • CL-CRS-24: Single sided, 4 rows - 24 lamp capacity
  • CL-CRS-30: Single sided, 5 rows - 30 lamp capacity
  • CL-CRD-24: Double sided, 2 rows - 24 lamp capacity
  • CL-CRD-36: Double sided, 3 rows - 36 lamp capacity
  • CL-CRD-48: Double sided, 4 rows - 48 lamp capacity
  • CL-CRD-60: Double sided, 5 rows - 60 lamp capacity
Multiple HyperION racks can sit flush side-by-side, allowing further flexibility when choosing an option to fit your space.

HyperION charger racks are robustly constructed from powder coated steel, are free-standing with adjustable feet, and each charging port features a battery storage saddle and convenient cable storage.

Charging of HyperION Cordless lamps is via a USB cable plugged into a USB socket on each charging port.
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