KSE KS-7710-MX ATEX M1 Cap Lamp (super-bright)

Looking for a tough and almost indestructible explosion-proof cap lamp?

Introducing the KSE MX series LED cap lamp - a light and bright lamp housed in an extremely tough casing.

Weighing only 150g the lamp has a light output of 145 lumens (195 lumens for three-stage illumination versions) and is ideally suited for harsh environments. Typical applications for the MX series are mining, water treatment / sewer inspection and maintenance, confined space working and the petro-chemical industry.

The MX series is available in two variants; with two-stage illumination (model code ending 00-MX) and with three-stage illumination (model code ending 10-MX). Within those two variants the lamp is offered with different ATEX certifications including M1, Zone 0 and Hydrogen approval. If you need assistance to choose the correct lamp for your requirement then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Charging the MX series is simply a case of inserting the lamp into the charger socket, no twisting or moving parts. The lamp will recharge fully in under 9 hours and the charging status is indicated by an LED on the charger.

All KSE-LIGHTS cap lamps can be worn with different adapter systems on different types of helmets, as well as directly on the head by using a special headband.
SKU: KS-7710-MX
Manufacturer: KSE
£245.00 incl VAT
  • Power supply: Lithium battery 3.7 V / 3.4 Ah
  • Charging time: < 9 hours
  • Total weight: 150g
  • Working temperature: -20 °C bis / to +60 °C
  • Charging cycles: > 80% capacity after 500 cycles
  • Warranty: 2 years *warranty terms of KSE-LIGHTS GmbH
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Main LED duration: 14 hours
  • Auxiliary LED duration: 50 hours
  • Intense (boost) LED duration: 6 hours
  • Main LED output (brightness): 2,800 lux at 1m (145 lumens)
  • Auxiliary LED output (brightness): 1,000 lux at 1m
  • Intense (boost) LED output (brightness): 5,000 Lux at 1m (195 lumens)

Charging time: < 9 hours

  • ATEX: Ex I M1 Ex ia I
  • IP: IP67
  • Mining & quarrying
  • Mine rescue services
  • Military
  • Railway / engineering
  • Visitor mine / caves
  • Fire service / emergency service
  • Industrial
  • Construction / tunnelling
  • Confined space working
  • Waste water management / sewer work
Products specifications
Lamp format Cordless (integral battery)
Power supply Lithium Ion (LiIon) battery 3.7 V / 3.4 Ah
Light modes 3 - Main, Intense (Boost) and Auxiliary (Emergency)
Main LED duration ≥ 14 hours
Auxiliary LED duration ≥ 50 hours
Intense (boost) LED duration ≥ 6 hours
Main LED output (brightness) ≥ 2,800 lux at 1m (145 lumens)
Auxiliary LED output (brightness) ≥ 1,000 lux at 1m
Intense (boost) LED output (brightness) ≥ 5,000 lux at 1m (195 lumens)
Charging time (recommended charger) < 9 hours
Charging cycles > 80% capacity after 500 cycles
Total weight 150g
ATEX certification Ex I M1 Ex ia I
Other certified standards -
IP rating IP67
Working temperature -20 °C bis / to +60 °C
Warranty 2 years (warranty terms of KSE-LIGHTS GmbH)