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KSE KS-5300-UK - Single Lamp Charger for Standard System

Mains powered single charger for KSE lamps that utilise the standard plug and socket charging system.

Suitable for KSE KS-6001 / KS-6001-DUO / KS-6002 / KS-6002-DUO (and obsolete KS-6500 / KS-7650).

Note: photograph shows Euro plug, all UK supplied lamps are provided with a UK plug.
SKU: KS-5300-UK
Manufacturer: KSE
£14.95 incl VAT
  • Lamp capacity: 1
  • Suitability: KSE KS-6001, KSE KS-6001-DUO, KSE KS-6002 and KSE KS-6002-DUO
  • Supply voltage: 110–265V AC 50Hz
  • Output voltage: 5.2V DC
  • Output current: <600mA
  • Weight: 60g
  • KSE KS-6001, KSE KS-6001-DUO: <5 hours
  • KSE KS-6002, KSE KS-6002-DUO: <5 hours
Products specifications
Lamp capacity 1
Suitability KSE KS-6001 / KS-6001-DUO / KS-6002 / KS-6002-DUO Lamps (and obsolete KS-6500 / KSE KS-7650)
Supply voltage 110–265V AC 50Hz
Output voltage 5.2V DC per charge port
Output current <600mA per charge port
Weight 60g