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Wisdom miners safety lamps

Wisdom miners safety lamps

LED Cap Lamps & ATEX / Ex Certifed & Approved Lights from Wisdom, KSE & Oldham

Safety LED lamps and helmet mounted lights for mining, construction, confined space working, night workers, rail industry and utility companies as well as show mines & caves and outdoor activities.

Welcome to, we are the leading UK supplier of both ATEX and non-ATEX helmet mounted lamps and lights. We supply high quality caplamps, cordless caplamps and charging systems as well as helmets and associated PPE for a wide range of industries including mining, construction, confined space working, hazardous environment working and utility companies as well as show mines & caves and outdoor activities.

Cordless & Corded Rechargeable Safety Lamps

We supply a wide choice of modern, high-output and lightweight LED / LiIon safety caplamps from respected manufacturers including Oldham, Wisdom and KSE. The range covers both ATEX certified lamps (M1, M2 and Group II) and non-ATEX lamps. Lamps are available both in cordless and traditional external battery pack format. We can supply one lamp to many hundreds.

Miners Lamp Charging Systems

Single and modular charging systems for one lamp to many hundreds of lamps.

Personal Protective Equipment

A complimentary range of CE approved miners safety helmets, helmet accessories, belts, hearing protection and eye protection.

We are excited to announce that has been appointed UK distributor for KSE Lights GmbH.
JSP, a world famous name in 'above the neck safety' - are proud to be stocking a wide range of items from the JSP Safety Products catalogue including helmets, eye protection, ear protection and respiratory protection.